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Campamento de moda + multiactividad

8 days, from 29/06 to 06/07


For children of 5 to 14 years

750 €

Finalized course


Campamento de moda + multiactividad

A camp where children will discover the world of photography, modeling, interpretation and other related subjects that will help them exploit all the potential they have inside, as well as being able to grow as models and interpreters. In the afternoons, they will have an hour of English classes with native teachers and aftewords a sort of multiactivities and swimming pool. And the most fun, every night a different theme party!





Situation and environment:

Finca "La Capella" is in l'Espluga de Francolí, La Conca de Barberà, in a place called "Las Masías", pretty near from the Poblet Monastery. The summer camp house has large country sides and woods that are next to the natural park "La Pena".

The famous and classic spa hotel for summer camps has three buildings. The principal complex is provided by the residence, the second  one has the classes, library and different rooms and the third building is used as acts room where meetings and parties can take place, and can afford up to 300 people.

"Las Masías" facilities are used too to practice swimming and tennis.

Facilities and principal characteristics:

  • Boys rooms (62 places)
  • Girls rooms (100 places)
  • Self-service dinning room
  • Kitchen
  • Living room
  • 20 classes
  • Nurse's office
  • Teachers meeting rooms
  • Acts room up to 300 people
  • Chapel from S XX.

Sport facilities:

  • Football pitch
  • Volleyball pitch
  • Baseball pitch
  • Badminton pitch
  • Table tennis tables
  • Basketball court



The Camp price includes:


  • Enroll and processing, The price includes the reserve.
  • Full board accommodation during the camp (for boarders). For external students, feed pension depending on the schedule chosen.
  • Language lessons depending on the schedule and the calendar indicated (except program without classes.
  • Teaching material (books and school material for each level).
  • English Summer folder.
  • Use of the sportive facilities during the course.
  • Cultural, sports and craft activities.
  • Civil and Accidents Responsibility insurance.
  • Duty service.
  • Guidance and tutorial given by the monitors.
  • Academic report of the teacher and assistance certificate.
  • Pedagogical report of the monitor (coexistence, order, health, etc.)
  • Participation medal and certificate depending on the results.
  • Photo souvenir of the course.
  • School t-shirt and sports team t-shirt.
  • I.V.A is included in all the courses.

Does not include:


  • Personal expenses (bar, shop, phone...)
  • Optional trips (PortAventura, etc).
  • Optional activities (sailing, kayaks, etc.).
  • Moving services (airport, taxi, bus, train, etc.).
  • Medicine with medical prescription or particular.



  • La jornada comienza a las 8:30h. donde se levantan y se preparan para unos sencillos ejercicios matutinos con sus monitores, donde se despierta cuerpo y mente.
  • Tras ello, a las 9:00h. de la mañana cogeremos fuerzas para un desayuno que nos dé energía para las clases que comenzarán a las 10:00h.
  • Dos horas y media de talleres con diferentes profesionales de varias disciplinas que imparten en el campamento: modelos, psicólogos, nutricionistas, periodistas o diseñadores de moda. Media hora de descanso para almorzar.
  • Comemos a las 13:30h. y tenemos un rato de juego libre para despejarnos.
  • 15:00h: 1h de clase de inglés con profesores nativos.
  • 17:00h: Tiempo libre para bañarnos o disfrutar jugando al aire libre.
  • 18:00h - 19:30h: Competiciones y gimcanas por equipos
  • 19:30h - 20:30h: Ducha y rutinas de orden y limpieza en las habitaciones
  • 20:30h: Cena
  • 21:30h: Fiesta temática y rutinas sorpresa



During the camp the students can enjoy other kind of activities such as trips, tours, baptisim at sea... At Poblet you can go to:

  • PortAventura Park: Day Trip in the biggest Thematic Park of South Eurpoe. Includes: moving, ticket, lunch and snack-dinner.
  • Costa Caribe Aquatic Park: Enjoy this Aquatic Park!
  • Ferrari Land + Port Aventura Park
  • Poblet Monastery: Guided tour through the monastery.
  • Poblet Monastery + "La Cova de Font Major": Guided tour through the Monastery and the cave.

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