Groups and organisations

Specialists free time stays for groups and organisations

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Our houses are totally prepared to take in groups of all types (hiking groups, cultural associations, music groups…). Our houses are prepared for groups of up to 220 people and in them any type of activity can be organised with various choices of multuse rooms. Activities which groups organise in our house can be from the following ambits: culture, music, art, social activities, gastronomía, sports, trekking, free time activities, etc. These activities can also be organised by our monitors.

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English Summer S.A. has 4 Residential complexes: Poblet (La Capella), Prades, Vallclara and Tamarit. All are located in areas of historic, natural and cultural interest in Tarragona. As our facilities are modern, safe, and designed to lodge all types of groups. They all have seperate bedrooms for boys and girls, classrooms, workshops, meeting rooms, multiuse rooms, dining hall, and sports facilities.

Some ideas for your stay

Outdoor Training

Is based on existencial methodology to create and reproduce business situations through games and activities in a fun and educational way.


Enjoy your birthday in one of our houses. We have everything you need to organise your party: free time monitors, activities for the young and not so young, spaces to suit all types of groups, sports facilities etc...

We can also offer you the chance to theme your party!

Gastronomical experiences for groups

Calçotadas, sardinadas, barbecues, fideuás, seasonal mushrooms, etc.


Trekking, mountain bakie routes, Císter way, sports stays.

Music Groups

If you are passionate about music and you are thinking about organising a meet, a practice session or a musical weekend with your group, school or association you are in luck! We have everything you need. Our centres have areas that you can use to practice and have classes of all sizes.

Cultural tourism

Be it in Prades, Tamarit or Poblet, there is a large range of possible socio-cultural activities nearby.

Any Questions? Would you like a quote for a stay at our schools? Get in touch with us; our team will be in contact with more information soon.