During the trip

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Airport assistance

At English Summer SA we can also offer students who are under 18 years old a service which offer assistance in the airport. This service, available for groups of 5 or more students, is there to help with catching the flights, timetable and answer any other questions.

All the groups in indicated programs have a minimum of 10 students and will be accompanied before and during the voyage by a monitor. This Monitor will have the tickets for the plane so each student will only have to present their own passport.

We recommend that all the students in our courses alsways wear the English Summer S.A. T-shirt that we provide. This make it much easier for us to keep the group together and avoid anybody getting lost.

Students who are older than 18 do not have this service included in the cost. If you would like to use this service just get in contact with us and make the corresponding payment.

Once you arrive at the destination airport a monitor from the school or organisation you are travelling to will be waiting to collect you. Sometimes with the name of the student.

If you arrive at the school and cannot find the representant please call (0034) 687 986 591 (our 24 hour service).

Arrival and return days can be quite long and we recommend that students carry some food and drink in their bag.

Delays when leaving or arriving

In summer there are often delays with flights caused by the high volume of air traffic in the summer. Please remain calm and remember that English Summer contracts the service of airlines making them soley responsible for any problems that may occur. Our organisation whilst being seperate from these problems also suffers the consequences.

The majority of our students travel by plane and in the summer. With this in mind the airports often become saturated and we recommend being ready to check in at least 2 hours before the flight departs.

If your flight is delayed please contact (0034) 687 986 591 (our 24 hour service).

Loss or problems with luggage

If your luggage gets lost you will need to go to “Baggage Claim" o “Reclamación de equipajes" within the airport. They are usually small offices close to the baggage reclaim area. You will need to fill out the form and add show your boarding pass, ticket and passport.

In theory the airline is obliged to pay emergancy compensation (depending on the airline and country) to allow you to buy clothes and wash items. If this compensation is not paid please remember to keep any receipts so you can claim them back at a later time.

The majority of bags are found and sent without cost to the residence indicated. With this in mind it is very important to write our names and contact details on our bags. Participants in language course abroad can buy plastified identifiers.

After 40 days, airlines are legally required to pay compensation for the lost luggage depending on the weight of luggage checked in.

Airline legislation states that the acceptance of luggage without protest means that the luggage has arrived in good condition. For this reason it is very important to check the condition of luggage when it is returned. If there are any problems this should be recorded in the moment you receive the luggage.