Teen Zone: camps and language courses abroad for teenagers.

campamentos verano adolescentes

All the teenagers have an important role at English Summer S.A. We offer them different options to learn English as the teenage summer camps and also our language courses abroad.

Teenage Intensive Camp

A summer camp in Spain specially designed for older teenagers with language classes, activities and sports adapted for our older students. In this programme there are more hours of English lessons (Prades 5hrs a day) with a syllabus designed to reinforce ESO and Bachillerato, and with the necessary content to take part in Cambridge official exams. The course is 2 or 3 weeks long.


The course is for teenagers older than 14 years old and follows the syllabus for official Cambridge exams. Starting with a level test, followed by a daily revision and reflection session, culminating in weekly exams. This allows students to monitor their progress and create interest in learning the language.


In all our summer camps teenagers receive 4/5 hours English Lessons a day taught by native English teachers. Each grammar lesson is accompanied with vocabulary and practices the following skills, listening, speaking, writing and reading. In order to rate progress students take weekly tests. The method followed in our classes is outlined below:-

  • Introduction of theme: new grammar topic, practical exercises and grammar games. For example: sentence betting, where you reconstruct sentences placing a bet after making sure the sentence is written correctly.
  • Listening: to recognise and learn different expressions, accents, and intonations in real life situations. Listen and learn the accents of different teachers from around the English speaking world using internet, cd player and videos. For example, understand sentences recognising the words in songs etc.
  • Reading: practice comprehension through short readings and exercises- For example answering questions, inventing different endings etc.
  • Vocabulary: Introduction to vocabulary and expressions related to a certain themed area using word games such as memory, Scrabble, Pictionary, concentration games, scatergories, crosswords etc..
  • Speaking: We´ll practise vocabulary and structures learnt through various communication games and activities. For example: the name game, detective games, shouting and running games, dictations etc...
  • Writing: we´ll work on letter writing skills alongside writing essays, stories, dairies and descriptions etc....

Furthermore you will also have the opportunity to take an official Cambridge exam depending on your English Level.

Language courses abroad for teenagers.

Cursos de idiomas en el extranjero

Would you like to have an experience in a different country? Find out about our wide range of language courses in different countries. We are specialised in courses for children, teenagers and adults in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Malta, The United States and Canada. Have a look at our webpage to find out about our courses. Our languages courses abroad specialist is also ready to help you with any questions you may have.