Enjoy the language classes and join al the activities of our summer camps and… Sleep at your house!

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This is a program especially for the students that live near from our summer camps. The language classes (English and Spanish for foreigners) and the leisure activities they do are the same as the other camp students but without having to lodge in our centers. There are two types of “Day Camp” summer camps:

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Schedules and characteristics:

  • From 10 to 20 h: language classes, lunch, activities, sports and snack.

Generally, we offer two options to take part in the no residential summer camps. However, each home adapts those schedules to its peculiarities.

The arrival day will be Sunday at the same time as all the other students, so they can meet their monitor. The English level test will be done after this. The last day, the students will go to the camp as always and the parents will come to the closing party from 17:00 h on, as all the other parents from the summer camp students.

During the weekend there aren’t English classes. Instead, they will do sport activities, trips and others. On Saturday we go to Port Aventura, an optional activity not included in the course price. On Sunday morning they can assist voluntarily at mass and during the afternoon leisure activities are done.

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The duration of the no residential camps is the same of the residential camps depending if they are of 1,2 or 3 weeks. The first camp day a copy of the menu they will have during the stay will be given so that they could combine it with the menu they will have at home.

The external students will have a concrete space to leave their pertinences in the center. It is recommended that they leave always in the center: a school and team t-shirt, clothes, towel, flip-flops, cup, sunscreen, bath cream and shampoo.

Parents should always warn their children’s monitor when they arrive and when they leave the summer camp, if they are not there, a member of the direction team. If some day the student cannot attend to the summer camp for whatever reason, this has to be communicated to the monitor for security and organizational reasons. If the student is taking medicines, it has to be given to the nurse’s office and write it at the medical record. And if something special is needed (costumes, school t-shirt, team t-shirt, etc9) the monitor will inform the child the previous day so that it can be brought the following morning.