Summer camps with smart wristbands

At English Summer S.A. we are aware that new technologies are basic to provide children and adolescents everything they need to continue learning with maximum fun. For this reason, we wanted to go beyond the product to innovate also in the management of our summer camp.


After some technologic changes in our centres during the lasts years and after becoming partners with Vodafone and Tesa Abba Abloy we present now: the personalized wristbands with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, one of the biggest technologic innovations and pioneer in the field of children's summer camps.


Pulseras NFC


During the summer every kid will wear a personalized wristband with NFC technology. But, what are these wristbands used for?:


  • This system allows having a mayorcontrol of the students in any of the excursions and activities that they do during the camp (ex: when getting on and off the bus, going in and out of PortAventura, etc.).
  • Payments in the snack bar. We say goodbye at the manual system of the vouchers, now with a simple "beep" passing the bracelet will be available to have a soft drink and a bag of potatoes during the break and the amount will be automatically charged into the student's account.
  • Everything can have a parental control from a mobile application. The bracelet stores all data and the parents may be aware of the costs of the kid and manage them whether it is to increase the quantity or block any consumption if they wish.
  • Finally, it will also be used as access key for the bedrooms newly renovated house in Vallclara


Here you can find a video where you can see briefly its profits:



Download here the App:

English Summer App

English Summer App - Android

You can also login into the parental control online with this link:

*The username is the same as the one that you have to enter the Customer Area of our website. In the login, press the "recover password" to create a new one and access the APP with it.

In addition, we have a last change to the digital world: the incorporation of the system of virtual posters in the centres. Through the screens by the common rooms of the houses, they are going to show the most important news of the day: Menu of meals, the theme of the evening party, rotations of the teams, etc.

With all of this, English Summer S.A. leads the race for modernity and creates a before and after of the new forms of management and organization of the camps and free time activities for the children.