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Information and services included or available on the web can include errors or spelling mistakes. Periodically English Summer will incorperate changes to the content information. ENGLISH SUMMER, S.A. can include at any moment changes and or improvements to the services and content. ENGLISH SUMMER, S.A., only includes information and materials on its web page from sources that it considers trustworthy, whilst it has taken time to make sre this information is correct it cannot guarantee that it is exact or up to date. You are also forwarned that the content of this page has two aims, the first being to inform of services and tariffs and the second to sell products.


ENGLISH SUMMER, S.A., declines any responsibility in case of interruptions or poor function of services offered on the interenet whatever the cause, ENGLISH SUMMER, S.A. is not responsible for loss of service or loss of business as a consequence of this loss, electrical problems or cuts or any other type of damages be it direct or indirect suffered by the user dues to causes alien to ENGLISH SUMMER, S.A.. ENGLISH SUMMER, S.A., does not state or guarantee that services or content will not be interrupted or that they are free of errors, or that the service or the server are free of virus or other malware. ENGLISH SUMMER, S.A. undertakes to avoid these types of incidents. In the case that the user makes decisions or uses information from our website we recommend that this information is checked with other sources.


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