Certifications and accreditations

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English Summer S.A. has national and internationsl certifications and accreditations recognising the quality of teaching. Acknowledgements which place English Summer as a leader in English Language teaching (through summer camps, language courses abroad and language academy) , in many cases complemented by multiple organistations from the following fields; social, sports or cultural.

Cambridge English Exam Preparation Centre

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Certificated by Cambridge English as an official Exam Preperation Centre.

ICF - International Camping Fellowship

alt de imagenThe International Camping Fellowship is a worldwide organisation for Camp Professionals that shares enthusiasm, knowledge and commitment. ICF was founded in 1987 by professionals with the dream of " a better world through outdoor activities".

ASEPROCE - Spanish Association of Course Promoters Abroad.

alt de imagenMembers of the Spanish Association of Course Promoters Abroad. ASEPROCE is a non-profit organisation founded in 1987 whose objective is to promote the quality and professionalism of companies in the sector and defend the rights of students.

ICEF AGENCY - Education conference organisers & International student recruitment consultants

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Recognised by ICEF as an official agency. ICEF only recognises agencies which have passed evaluation to guarantee the quality for educators and service providers.

ACAVE - Business Association of Travel Agencies

alt de imagenMembers of the business association of travel agencies. Founded in 1978, it is made up of more than 500 central travel agencies. The objective of ACAVe is to act as a sector interlocutor to develop and improve activity.

ACELLEC - Catalan Association of Free Time educational and Cultural business.

alt de imagenMember of the Catalan Association of Free Time, Cultural and Cultural Businesses. This association groups more than 40 businesses that work in an educational or sociocultural setting. It is the patron association in the sector and since it was created in 2001 has become the interlocutor of different social agencies that fall under its ambit.

ACCAC - Residential Field Trip Centres and Hostals in Catalunya

alt de imagenMember since 1986, ACCAC works towards the recognition and awareness of field trips and the educational values they instill. Promotes youth facilities as privelidged spaces to share and live together.

Furthermore, English Summer S.A. has the following international certifications:

  • ISO 9001: Quality Management Systems (SGC).
  • ISO 14001: Effective environmental Management Systems (SGA) .