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The Owners

The summer camps, language courses abroad, academy and travel agency are all run by the Fleix family made up by Sr. Jordi Fleix Pujol and his wife Mrs. Margaret Wright, founders of English Summer S.A. and their four children: Jordi, Felipe, Carolina and Richard. Each one looks after different areas in the organisation.

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The Directors

In each centre where we hold our School Residential Trips and Summer Camps, be it language camps or themed camps, there is a professional team mad up of a director of Monitors, Activity coordinator and Director of studies. All of these look after the smooth running of our camps.


In our central offices in Tarragona the rest of our team can be found made up of the following departments: Reservation Centre for Summer camps and School Residential trips, the international department, HR department, travel agency team, sales, transfers, quality department, Purchasing and Logístics Department, Accountancy y Communication. All these work year round to make sure our clients are completely statisfied.

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Residential Personnel

Each centre has a team which looks after the kitchens, housekeeping, cleaning and maintenance assuring the correct function of the centre.

Monitors - Tutors

All the monitors are at university, or with degrees, with experience in the field of education, sports or free time activities and have taken part in our monitor training school. Furthermore, they have a high level of English. The room monitor is directly responsible for the safety, wellbeing and tutoring of the student. The majority of our monitors have been students in our schools and know the dynamics of the students and the running of the schools. For each 10-12 students there is a monitor-tutor who is pendent of the group throughout the day. The monitors control and supervise the daily life, education, hygiene and health of the students. Each day they take part in a tutorial to keep the directors up to date with the progress of the students.

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The MP's

English Summer S.A. invests in training as the principal tool to achieve a professional and efficient team. For this reason we have our own training course called the Monitoring Project (MP) designed for ex-students who would like to become monitors in our camps and residential centres.

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The teachers

The English and Spanish teachers are native with university studies, specialised in foreign language teaching. They have taken part in our annual training session in London and have experience working with children. They take part in daily tutorials with the Director of Studies to keep updated on the progress of students and plan and prepare lessons. Each teacher has between 10 and 12 students per class and shares the camp with the students both inside and outside the classroom.

Training, the foundations of our team.

We know that our teachers and monitors represent us and for that reason our staff is made up with people with charisma, enthusiasm, and who have received the best training possible through our courses:

English Summer S.A. holds monitor selection days in various universities in Spain (Tarragona, Barcelona, Pamplona…) to select the best professionals.

Training sessions are held before the start of the summer for the monitors in Tarragona and for the teachers in London. This is the method that we can achieve a highly prepared staff. We believe that training is key to our success for this reason we offer the possibilty to take the Monitor or Director of free time qualifications run by Acellec (Asociació Catalana d'Empreses de Lleure, Educació i Cultura).

The training of our employees is continually increased and reinforced. We have internal and external audits to guarantee the best service in each centre. There are also continuous sanitary controls, APPCC, health and safety at work, etc.