Antoni Martín English Summer Poblet
We can only say that our experience has been perfect. 
Alexa Siles
English Summer Tamarit - 2023

Really a great experience! The staff is amazing! Kids have a great time and learn a lot of values!! Excellent! Realmente una gran experiencia!!!

Ana Allegue
English Summer Poblet - 2023

I can't give you more than a 10... because there is not.... As always I would like to thank ALL the English Summer team for making my son so happy and taking such good care of him. It's a pity I can't come back because of his age... it's been eleven years with you and even so, year after year he has been surprised! Thank you so much for your effort, dedication and love over all these years.

Teresa Barrenechea
English Summer Vallclara - 2022

Thank you very much to all the teachers and monitors who have been with Telmo because he has come back really happy and especially to the nurse for taking such good care of him and being so kind, I have been surprised by the attention!!! Thank you very much to all.

Mamen Fontcuberta
English Summer Prades - 2022

Congratulations on the great professionalism of the entire team. It is my daughter's third year and each camp says it has been the best. Come back HAPPY.

Sandra Montero
English Summer Tamarit - 2021

I do not have enough words of thanks to these camps, it is the first time that my son has been, and I would never imagine that he would not want to return home. Thank you for everything, feeling my son at home says it all for me. Congratulate all the staff they have.

Pilar Doretto
English Summer Poblet - 2021

Impressed by the excellent organization, care of information to parents and general satisfaction of my daughter. Compared to other camps you stand out radically. I'm sorry I didn't meet you sooner for my eldest daughter :(
Special mention to your star entertainment, the theme nights that have made girls dream. Great work from the direction and the monitors who were totally committed so that the children could enjoy it to the fullest. Goal achieved! Martina has returned very excited and eager to return next year. As a mother, this is priceless ... grateful and keep it up!

Laia Secall
English Summer Vallclara - 2021

A charming place, very well cared for. A very well organized camp with many activities and native English teachers. A unique experience for our children that we repeat every year.

Gabriel Sanchez
English Summer Prades - 2021

Despite the circumstances and the prevention measures due to the pandemic, you have again managed to make these days a great experience for our daughters. It shows that you are like a big family and it is a privilege for us to share it with you. It is now the fifth time they have repeated at this center and we hope to continue repeating. See you next year!!!

Pilar Olivé
English Summer Poblet - 2020

Very satisfied in all aspects. Our daughter has been happy, content, has received good learning and has enjoyed some nice and appropriate experiences. More than a 10 in the treatment by COVID19, congratulations. It is our second year and we are as happy as last year, thank you very much for doing your work so well and with so much responsibility and coherence. And finally, thanks to all the monitors and monitora and we extend it to all of you who work there. Thank you and we hope to see you all again next year... or maybe at the reunion. We hope you will be able to finish all the camps happily.

Natalia Mendivil
English Summer Tamarit - 2020

Despite the circumstances that have accompanied the camp this year, we could not be happier with the decision taken to take her. I think the best assessment is to hear a daughter saying, what a shame, that until next year there is no other, and walk around the house like a soul in pain, longing for TAMARIT, and each of its components (almost makes me envious). Thank you very much for everything and for many more years to come.

Elena Romillo
English Summer Vallclara - 2020

Congratulations to all the staff for their management and professionalism every year. This year even more, if possible, it has been clear that English Summer has risen to the occasion, with strict security measures and control in front of the COVID-19; But with all the magic that characterizes these camps. A thousand thanks for everything and for so much. See you next year. We would like to highlight and congratulate all the Vallclara staff, from management, monitors, teachers, MP's, service staff... for their professionalism, involvement and teaching vocation. We are very grateful.

Rosa Amorós
English Summer Prades - 2020

We can only congratulate you! You have made the COVID19 situation compatible with fun and learning in an excellent way. The best proof is that my daughter after 2 weeks with you asked me to do 1 more week. My sincere thanks. See you next summer! 

Imma Fajardo
English Summer Tamarit - 2019

It was the first time that our son wanted to go to a camp outside of school. I showed him the Facebook video and he wanted to come with me to the information meeting, from that moment on he decided he wanted to go. During his stay at Finca Tamarit he never called home, the day of the pick up he was very excited, he didn't want to leave. Next year she wants to go for three weeks, she loved it and learned at the same time. Many thanks to all those who make it possible for the camps to take place. You transmit a great confidence to leave our most precious asset, our son. Have a good summer.

Pilar Mantilla 
English Summer Poblet - 2019

Extraordinary, both in the quality of the services and the facilities at the Poblet house. Nuestra hija tuvo un problema de salud y rápidamente fue derivada al hospital de referencia, acompañada en todo momento de Marta, l'infermera del torn, i del director del centre, el Sr. Fleix, thank you for your professionalism and exquisite attention.


English Summer Prades - 2019

Our highest level of satisfaction. We loved the day we checked in. We could see how happy parents and students with experience from other years were. During the stay, our daughter conveyed her enthusiasm and joy. And on the day of the check-out we were able to confirm the excellence of the course, the facilities and the professional and human quality of each and every member of the team. We had known other organisations, and this one far surpasses all of the above.