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Day Camp 2024

Enjoy the English lessons, participate in all of the activities of our summer camps during the day and... go back home to sleep!
Catalogue 2020

Discover the best day camps:

This programme is especially suitable for students who live near our summer camp centres. The language classes and leisure activities are the same as the other children in the camp, but without the need to stay at our centres. The duration of the day camps is the same as the residential camps and can be 1, 2 or 3 weeks.

On the first day of camp, a copy of the menu that they will have during their stay will be given to them so that they can combine it with the one they will have at home.
Day Camp students will have a space where they can leave their belongings during their stay at the centre. It is recommended to always leave at the centre: the school and team t-shirt, a full set of clothes, towel, flip-flops, cap, sun cream, shower gel and shampoo.

Day Camp English Summer Day camp student

Characteristics of day camps:

The first day of entry will be Sunday at the same time as all the students in order to meet their monitor. The English level test will take place below.

Hours from Monday to Thursday and Saturday:

9:30 am: Students arrive at the center

10 am - 8 pm: Language classes, food, activities, swimming pool, snack and sports.

8 pm: Collection of students.

We offer an optional welcome service from 8:00h, with an additional cost of 6€ and breakfast is included. You can also attend the dinner and night party until 23h (18€). On Friday we go to PortAventura World, an optional excursion not included in the course price, or we do a variety of activities in the house. On Sundays there are no English classes, but there are recreational activities and it is the day when students arrive and leave the school.

Families should always inform their children's monitor when they arrive and when they leave the summer day camp centre or, failing that, a member of the management team. In the event that a student is unable to attend the camp for any reason, they should always inform their monitor for safety and organisational reasons.
If the pupil is taking medication, the medication must be brought to school to be kept in the infirmary and recorded in the medical file.

If any special items are needed (fancy dress, school T-shirt, team T-shirt, etc.) the monitor will inform them the day before so that they can bring them the following morning.

Frequently asked questions

Day camps are the best option for parents who want their children to improve their English and do fun activities during the day with other children, but sleeping at home. It is not a full camp that also includes night time.

In the same way as residential camps, our day camps can have a duration of 1, 2 and 3 weeks. So that children and parents can enjoy the benefits of the programme itself, but with the comfort and/or peace of mind of sleeping at home. If you prefer, we can also offer it this way.

We have different prices depending on the type of day camp (without accommodation) selected. For example, one of the cheapest options is an 8-day Day Camp for children aged 5 to 13 years old with a price starting from 297 euros. Take a look at the summer camps section!