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Our summer camps services

Check out the many services that English Summer offers for summer camps
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We have medical staff available for first aid. We do not administer medication without a prescription. If a student is under medical treatment, he/she must bring the medication and the necessary doses. In addition, the medical leaflet must be enclosed and given to the monitor. Each of our centres has an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator).
We have the Your Online Paediatrician Service: A paediatrician is at our disposal during the summer camps. The importance of medical care in summer language camps is constantly emphasised in all aspects of our organisation. All students are covered by an accident insurance as well as a civil liability policy.

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The food is carefully studied to provide the students with a healthy and balanced diet during the summer camp. Four self-service meals are served during the day and students who wish may repeat. Special menus are available according to holidays and special dates. On excursion days a complete picnic is prepared. If a pupil does not tolerate any type of food or needs a special diet, please notify the management and a suitable menu will be served. Many of our fruit, vegetables, pulses, cereals, pasta, dairy products and meats are certified organic, thus offering the best quality with leading brands in the sector.

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How does the laundry service work?

This service will only be provided in shifts lasting more than one week. We have contracted the services of a professional laundry that will collect the laundry several times during the course and deliver it clean and folded in a bag. Please bring marked clothes.

We recommend that you bring cotton clothes suitable for the camps, avoiding, if possible, delicate clothes and clothes whose colours may fade.

To facilitate the laundry service, 4 medium-large mesh bags should be brought to the camp: 2 for white clothes and 2 for coloured clothes.

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To foster an enriching and fulfilling experience during our summer camps, we prioritise disconnection from technology. We believe that this measure allows students to fully immerse themselves in outdoor activities and enjoy the company of their peers to the fullest.

We understand the importance of maintaining communication with families, so we have implemented a system of controlled mobile phone use. Students will be able to make calls at specific times to avoid interruptions in the activity schedule.

In addition, each monitor has an exclusive mobile phone to be in direct contact with families at set times.

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Students are not allowed to bring cash to the camps. We offer families the Pocket Money system, the pocket money that you will have previously charged to their personal account and that they can use for purchases at the bar, in the shop, etc. In this way, they learn to manage their expenses much better and safely during the summer camp. It is recommended to deposit 20 euros per week for each student. At the end of the camp, any remaining balance will be refunded.

In addition, English Summer S.A. has modernised its facilities and adopted state-of-the-art technology by introducing the smart wristband system with NFC technology. You can find more information about this below.

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English Summer S.A. offers a transfer service for those families who, due to special circumstances, cannot travel to bring their children to or pick them up from our summer camps.

A monitor from our organisation will be in charge of picking up and assisting the students, welcoming them at the airport or station with a distinctive sign to attend to any problems that may arise. Once they arrive at the centre, the monitor will call to confirm that they have arrived.

For prices and more information please send an email to

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All students who have a birthday at the camp have a special "Happy Birthday" surprise.

The camp team makes sure that every birthday boy or girl feels loved and celebrated on their special day.

We want them to have an unforgettable birthday filled with joy, laughter and memorable moments with their friends and camp mates.

It's a day to celebrate and make each birthday boy or girl feel how special they are to our big summer family!

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Duties are small responsibilities or errands for each student in all our summer camps. They are necessary for the smooth running of the camps and help to train the students in small daily tasks.

The monitor, on the day of arrival, will inform you of your specific duty.

Every day all rooms, bathrooms and common areas will be thoroughly cleaned. Therefore, the students must learn to make their own beds, keep their clothes tidy in the wardrobe and make sure that their room is tidy.

The monitors carry out regular checks of the rooms and personal cleanliness.

Medical service camps
Online service

Introducing Your online paediatrician, the online and telephone paediatric consultation service available at our English camps.
The health monitors of our camps will have direct contact with a paediatrician from 8h to 24h to whom they will be able to consult.