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Management of the residential centers, the summer camps, the language courses abroad, the language academy and the travel agency is in charge of the Fleix family, made up of Mrs. Margaret Wright, founder of English Summer SA and her children Jordi, Felipe and Carolina. Each of them is responsible for the different areas of the organization.


In each center where the camps are held, whether they are language camps or themed camps, there is a professional team made up of a school principal,a director of monitors, an activity coordinator and a director of studies. All of them are in charge of the coordination, direction and planning of the courses and camps.


The rest of the team is located in our central offices, divided into the following departments: the Reservations Center, the travel abroad department, the Human Resources Department, the Travel Agency, the  Commercial team, Transfers, Quality, Purchases and Logistics, Accounting and Communication. All of them work all year at English Summer S.A. to ensure that families and students are completely satisfied.

English Summer Personal Residence
The residence staff

Each residential center where the summer camps and school camps are held has a team of people who carry out the kitchen, governance, cleaning and maintenance tasks throughout the year to ensure that our centers function properly.

Monitors and tutors English Summer

The camp counselours

All the instructors are university graduates or graduates with experience in the field of education, sports and/or recreational activities, who have also been trained at our instructor school. In addition, they have a high level of English. The room monitor is directly responsible for the student's safety, well-being, and instruction. The vast majority have been students in our camps before, thanks to which they know the dynamics of the students and the operation of the centres perfectly. For every 10-12 students there is a monitor-tutor who is watching their group throughout the day. The monitors control and supervise the coexistence, training, hygiene and health of the students. They hold daily tutorials and inform the directors about the evolution of their students.

English Summer Teachers


The teachers are native with university studies, specialized in language teaching. They have a large amount of experience in teaching. The classes are prepared with the director of studies and follow and report on the progress of their students. Each teacher has between 10 and 12 students per class, and they live with them inside and outside the classrooms.

Monitors and tutors English Summer

MPs Team

English Summer S.A. is committed to training as the main tool to create a professional and effective workforce. That is why we have our own training school, called the Monitoring Project (MP) aimed at alumni who want to become monitors of our camps.

Training, the basis of our team

We know that our teachers and monitors represent us, and that is why our "Staff" is made up of people with charisma, enthusiasm and experience who have received the best possible training through our courses.

Training sessions are held before the start of the summer camps for both monitors (in Tarragona) and teachers (in London). Thus we managed to form a highly prepared team. We consider that the training of our professionals is key, which is why there are also courses for the title of monitor and director of children's and youth's free time, taught by Acellec (Catalan Association of Companies of Education, Education and Culture).

The training of our employees is constantly being expanded and reinforced. That is why internal and external audits are carried out to guarantee the best service in each center. Continuous sanitary controls, HACCP, occupational risk control, etc. are carried out.