In our English camps we use a methodology based on the same principles of how children learn their mother tongue, and through activities we expose them to the language in order to create interest in it.

The courses are based on the teaching of English, but without forgetting that this is the summer season, when young people deserve to enjoy themselves, disconnect and have fun in the open air. At English Summer S.A. we believe in dynamic learning and positive reinforcement. After more than 44 years of running English camps, we have acquired the magic recipe to motivate our students. We understand that each one of them has many strengths and some weaknesses; therefore, our mission is to highlight and enhance their strengths, and to accompany, advise and help them in the aspects they are less proficient in.

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We work to provide a unique and unforgettable experience for our students. That is why our camps with native teachers stand out for the charisma, enthusiasm and enthusiasm they transmit. The aim is that through interaction and play, the children feel the need to use new words and thus expand their vocabulary.


Our English camps are located in ideal locations for sports activities, workshops, excursions and theme parties, as well as being in the classroom.

In addition, to make the classes more enjoyable and interactive, we have tablets and a television in each classroom. There are between 3 and 5 hours of English per day, depending on the camp chosen, so each grammar lesson is accompanied by its vocabulary and we practise what we have learnt through the different skills: listening, speaking, writing and reading.

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Students are divided into groups of 10-12 people per class, according to different levels of English and age. The content of each level varies according to the students' previous knowledge and is designed to encourage self-assessment.

Our courses follow the syllabus of the official University of Cambridge (UC) exams. Therefore, all classes are prepared to be compatible with the English levels of the UC examination centre and the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

At the end of the camp you will receive the following reports: Student Report which explains performance and participation. The Class Report shows all the syllabus covered and, finally, the Certificate of English Level.

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Simon Dinsdale
Director of Studies

"We promote English language learning beyond school through project-based classes and a range of language-based activities, while sharing fun and sporting activities in natural environments - our aim is to make learning English fun!"

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