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Sports and themed camps 2024

10 years ago, at English Summer we started to focus on camps based on a specific theme such as dance, cooking, sailing, horse riding or robotics, complemented by English classes with native teachers. Through these activities, children can acquire new skills while improving their level of English.
In the summer of 2024, do you want your child to enjoy the activities he or she likes the most and, at the same time, learn English? Discover our themed camps for next summer aimed at students aged between 6 and 15 depending on the activity:

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Watersports Camp

This water sports themed camp combines the learning of English -with 3 hours a day of classes with native teachers-, together with a course of water activities at the Reial Club Nàutic de Tarragona. Students will practice a different activity every day -such as snorkelling, kayaking, paddle surfing or windsurfing-, while improving their level of English. During the course, awareness and respect for the sea and the natural environment will be promoted, instilling the basic rules of safety at sea. It is ideal for children who love the sea.

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Chef Camp for children Chef Camp

Chef Camp

The Chef Camp is a themed summer cooking camp suitable for beginners or experienced cooks where children will be able to create recipes for appetizers, starters, main courses and desserts. Thanks to the daily masterclasses given by various cooking professionals, students will gain an insight into and learn about the different types of cuisine: creative, traditional, regional, international, etc. It is the ideal option for children who love cooking.

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Dance sport camp Dance Camp

Dance Camp

The dance theme camp is designed so that students can learn different types of dances. This is regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced student. The dance camp instructors

The dance camp instructors will teach the students all kinds of steps and techniques, as well as spectacular choreographies. It is the best camp for boys and girls who love to dance.

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Tech Camp Technology course for children

Tech Camp

This summer camp follows in the footsteps of the best tech camps in the USA, experimenting with new technologies to boost students' ingenuity and creativity. In the afternoons, they attend workshops to design, build and set up their own robot to solve different challenges. They will also learn how to structure logical thinking, design their own graphic adventures, video games or build a web page in a very intuitive way. It is perfect for children and teenagers who love computers and technology.

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Equestrian sports camp Horseriding camp

Horseriding Camp

This summer riding camp combines learning English with riding lessons at the Montblanc Riding Centre. During the activity there are a wide variety of practical classes so that the student can get to grips with the horse. This is one of the most recommended theme camps for students who love the world of horse riding and horses. You don't need to have any knowledge of horse riding to sign up.

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Kids Fashion Camp Kids Fashion Camp

Kids Fashion Camp

The Kids Fashion Camp is a themed camp where children can enter the world of photography, modelling, acting and other related subjects that will help them to exploit all the potential they have inside, as well as to grow as models and performers. In the afternoons, they will have an hour of English with native teachers and will enjoy the summer with multi-activities and swimming pool. And what's more fun, every night a different theme party! It's suitable for everyone.

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