Educational sponsorship Adoption at distance program

Since 1992, English Summer S.A., together with the families of the summer camps, has collaborated in the solidarity sponsorship program "Adoption at distance program". An educational program coordinated by "the rogationists parents" in Silang and Toril, Philippines that provides a financial contribution to children and youth, who cannot afford to study or access a training program due to the extreme poverty of their families. Thanks to this "educational sponsorship", sponsored children and youth can access educational and vocational programs at St. Anthony's Boys Village that will allow them the opportunity to access a job in the future, which may otherwise wouldn't be possible for them.

Children and teenagers sponsored by English Summer
Thanks to the donations of the families from our summer camps, we have been able to sponsor children from the Philippines, India, Indonesia and Latin America for years. We introduce you to some of them:

Garson Ner Alesandro

Garson studied High School, which is equivalent to ESO, thanks to the financial aid of English Summer and especially because of the contributions from the families of Vallclara English camps.

Despite having had a difficult childhood in a broken family, Garson has always stood out as an excellent student!

Thank you very much to the Vallclara families!

Manulat Jeevran

Manulat is the only child of a humble peasant family on the island of Mindanao, without enough resources to pay for his education. Thanks to the families of the English camps of Poblet he was able to attend the second year of High School.

Manulat has always stood out for his passion for sports, such as football or basketball, for his friendliness and leadership skills.

Thank you very much to the Poblet families!

Wenceslao John LLoyd

Wenceslao has also been able to study high school, thanks to English Summer and especially with donations from families of Tamarit’s English camps.

This boy is the son of a family of fishermen without sufficient resources to pay for his son’s secondary education. Wenceslao has always been excellent in math, language, and science!

Thank you very much to the Tamarit families!