Organization and programme

This summer camps will be DIFFERENT than those we have experienced so far, but we reassure you that we have everything ready so that they continue to be fun just as FUN and with continuous education.

Group organization

Room monitor

24-hour coexistence group that ensures the required traceability. There will be 10 students in each Monitor Group, who will share rooms, English classes, activities and sports equipment.

Subgroups of 30 students

Another group will be made to ensure distance during the activities and the dining room. Each 3 Monitor Groups will form a group of 30 students who will interact in some activities without physical contact and maintaining the 2m separation between each child.

Camp division

Finally, the camp will be divided into two different age groups that will carry out different schedules.

  • Group A: English classes in the morning + activities in the afternoon.
  • Group B: Activities in the morning + English classes in the afternoon.


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Gradual and divided groups

Each subgroup of 30 students will have a different schedule for the dining room access, classes and activities.


The activities will be outdoors and will be divided in 3 blocks of 1 hour each plus adapted sports. The activities will be varied and will be carried out on a rotating basis alternating between:

  •  RelaxArt
  • Swimming Pool
  • Olympics (sport)
  • Emotional Trip
  • Be Froggy, be Green (sustainability)
  • Clubs
English lessons
  • CLASS IN: Maximum classroom capacity will be of 5 students from the same Monitor Group. 
  • CLASS OUT: They will be outdoor classes with the 10 students from the same room monitor group.
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