The food at English Summer camps is carefully studied to offer students a healthy, balanced and varied diet.

In our homes we have our own kitchen service, as we believe that cooking for children and teenagers is a task that needs to be rigorously controlled, offering good quality food and its preparation.

We also have the support and advice of our nutritionist. We also frequently carry out internal audits regarding the implementation of systems for the hygienic and sanitary handling of foodstuffs.

Most of our fruit, vegetables, pulses, cereals, pasta, dairy products and meats are certified organic, thus ensuring the best quality with leading brands in the sector.

Below you can see an EXAMPLE of a week's menu at our camps.

Imagen destacada

We're prepared and aware of the food allergies and intolerances of our pupils. For this reason, we have all the technical specifications of our menus with the different allergens they contain in order to optimally manage the food service for children. In our summer camps, if one of our students does not tolerate any type of food or requires a special diet, they will be served a menu adapted to their needs.

We are also members of "Celíacs de Catalunya", an organisation dedicated to promoting information and support for people with gluten intolerance. Thanks to their collaboration, we have an updated list of foods and manufacturers specialising in products suitable for their consumption, which makes us a camp for coeliacs totally committed to the wellbeing of our students.

English Summer S.A. is accredited by AMED (Mediterranean Food and Healthy Eating) as an establishment where a balanced diet based on the Mediterranean diet is maintained and promoted, also suitable for people with food intolerances and allergies.