5 activities that improve social and emotional skills

Our summer camp is designed to make you think, feel and enjoy our environment and company


Education in values and the development of emotional management is a fundamental part of the pedagogical methodology we follow at English Summer S.A. summer camps.

We are aware of the multiple benefits of working on socio-affective skills. Today we will explain the techniques we use to help our students understand, share and accept their emotions. through techniques that help us to understand and accept our emotions.

As a result, we obtain a positive effect on the ability to resolve conflicts, to recognise through empathy our emotions and those of others, to analyse and accept circumstances, as well as strengthening critical thinking and self-esteem of the participants.

We want English Summer S.A. to be a special memory for our students. It fills us with enthusiasm to know that when a student finishes the camp, he or she leaves a little happier. 

In our Multiactivity camps we organise a wide range of free time activities to make the most of the experience. They are designed to contribute to the learning of English and to reinforce their communication skills.


It is an activity to relax, whether it is painting, playing, dancing or talking about topics that interest them. In addition, the teachers organise the English Challenge, which consists of different daily challenges that students have to solve as a team using a tablet or computer. It's a fun way of socialising, practising the language, connecting and strengthening the imagination of the participants. Doing these activities gives them serenity, joy and well-being, as they feel in a safe and quiet space to express their ideas and regain their energy.

Emotional Trip

It's an introspective journey to discover more about our feelings. It's a moment of connection among peers to share ideas and anecdotes. It is a very exciting and special activity, especially after having lived the COVID-19 experience, because it helps them to resolve doubts and fears that arose as a result of the confinement. In addition, they hold workshops that respond to different socio-affective needs. It's an activity in which they experience states of happiness, nostalgia, empathy, solidarity, sisterhood, courage, respect, etc.

Be Froggy, Be Green 

We believe that it's essential to admire and care for the environment. That's why we created an "Eco Friendly" project divided into 3 blocks: Welcome to Our World, Positive Energy and What a Wonderful World. You can find all the information about the games and the dynamics we carry out at Be Froggy, Be Green!

Through a thematic axis, participants analyse today's society from a more sustainable and ecological perspective. The main objective is to make students aware of environmental challenges and provide them with tools so that they can do their bit to better conserve our natural environment.


These are activities to work on values in an experiential way, as we consider them to be a fundamental element in improving our society: we encourage cooperation and teamwork to overcome different challenges, we offer techniques to improve problem-solving skills and boost ingenuity through dynamic research games, gymkhanas and themed workshops.

Night Parties

At English Summer we love music, a good atmosphere and partying. To make your stay even more magical, we have a full and fun programme of evening entertainment. This is one of the most anticipated moments for all participants, as the theme parties are designed for them to dance, sing in English, act, dress up, take part in competitions and games and enjoy incredible shows.

Party Night

Each party has a different theme, with a structured script and content with all the details of decoration, costumes, sound, lights, special effects and even dinner menu. We consider it one of the best ways for students to overcome shyness and bring out their laughing side. Plus, there are dress codes to create even more atmosphere... especially at the coveted Froggy Awards! Boys and girls save their best clothes and costumes for the occasion.

Which theme parties are there?

Some of the parties we do are...

  • Rock&Roll, Medieval, Mexico Night, Far West Party, Harry Potter, Welcome to Froggyland, Ceremony The Froggy Awards, Disco Party, E.S Got Talent, Magic Colour Night, Love Night, Capture the flag, Among Us...

Theme parties can vary according to age, school and dates, but whatever the theme, we can assure you that it will be crazy, special and fun!

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