What is it like to work as a camp monitor?

Discover how to be a camp monitor in English Summer, an ideal profession for those who love working with children and are looking for an extra income in the summer

Working as a camp counselor is amazing! It is an ideal job for those who love being with children, because it allows you to turn your passion into your profession.

At English Summer we have summer camp instructors who do a great job and put a lot of passion and desire into their work. Below we will tell you everything about this wonderful profession, so that you can discover what qualities or what qualifications this professional profile needs to have.

What is a camp monitor and what does he or she do?

If you want to work as a leisure and free time instructor, you surely want to know everything about the profession. We are talking about a professional who is the person in charge of designing and organizing entertainment activities for participants in summer camps. The activities can be diverse depending on the type of camp chosen and its theme.

The role of the monitor must offer children more than supervision. For example, among its functions we have:

A summer camp monitor designs and organizes the activities, adapting them to different groups of boys and girls.

He is in charge of directing and supervising the activities carried out by the students in the camps, ensuring that everything flows properly.

The monitor must have the ability to know how to communicate appropriately with the children, also encouraging everyone's participation, so that they integrate and have fun doing the activities and making new friends. They must also contribute to promoting coexistence, respect and tolerance.
As you can see in this video, the role of the summer camp monitor is broad and is essential when carrying out the activities. Plus, boys and girls will love being with you.

It is a figure that at English Summer we consider key, because a good instructor can help make the activities carried out more fun and make the children have an even better time. That is why it is vital that these professionals have certain qualities and skills, which of course can be developed.

How old do you have to be to work as a monitor?

The minimum age to work as a leisure monitor is different depending on the country and the regulations that apply. Generally, you have to be 18 years old. It is true that in Spain you can work as a free time monitor at the age of 16 as long as you have permission from your parents or legal guardians. In English Summer you need to be of legal age to be a monitor, since we have camps for teenagers up to 17 years old.

Reasons to work as a summer camp monitor

There are few jobs that are as beautiful and exciting as being a summer camp counselor. If the idea appeals to you, the reasons to try it and apply for this job position are numerous:

  • Every day is a new adventure: working at a camp with children or teenagers allows you to spend the day doing all kinds of activities, playing with the children and creating unforgettable memories. Every day is different. It is perfect for those who do not want to deal with the monotony of other types of jobs.

  • Multitude of activities: another reason to work as a monitor is that it allows you to carry out activities of all kinds, because there are camps for all tastes. In fact, in English Summer we have themed camps to train children in modeling, gastronomy or even water sports. By working as a monitor you will have the opportunity to learn new activities while enjoying spending time with children.

  • Promotion of teamwork and the possibility of making friends: when you work as a camp monitor in English you also do it in the company of other monitors, which is great to learn from them, to reinforce teamwork and, of course, to do new friendships.

  • Constant learning: working with children is continuous learning, because with children you never know! They are very creative and always come up with a new and different concern.

  • Improve resume: working as a camp monitor allows you to develop skills in leadership, safety and communication. These skills can be key in many jobs or even in your personal life. It helps you add experience to your CV and make new contacts.

  • To make boys and girls happy: without a doubt the most rewarding thing about working at a camp is seeing the joy and happiness of the students while they enjoy the activities at the summer camps.

  • Different job opportunities: working in hotels, camps, extracurricular activities at schools, school camps, etc. The opportunities are varied as we will see below.

  • To earn extra money in the summer: it is also interesting for those looking for a specific job for the summer months, which is where the role of camp monitor usually works very well. But you can also work throughout the year, depending on the type of position you have.

What to study to work as a camp monitor?

There are different options when working as a monitor. There are companies that offer training courses for camp monitors, which can be in person or online, covering areas such as leadership, safety, first aid, teamwork, etc. Generally, you only need to have the title of Leisure Time Monitor. It is also important to have a good attitude, good skills and experience.

In English Summer we teach the “Monitoring Project" (MP), a free-time monitor training course aimed at former students of English Summer S.A. who want to be part of the magic of our summer camps from within.

It lasts 6 weeks, of which 5 are practical and 1 theoretical. The student of this course becomes part of the organization as a "monitor assistant". Immersed in a work team, you will have to adopt the skills and attitudes required to be part of the technical staff in the future.

Why train as a monitor?

One of the advantages of working as a summer camp instructor is that it is a training that you can do in a short time and that allows you to work both in the summer and throughout the year. In the case of summer camps, it is great for students looking to get a bonus on vacation.

It is interesting both to have a long-term permanent job and to do specific jobs only in summer or holidays and thus make extra money. It is a most rewarding and beautiful job.

What outputs does it have?

Obtaining this degree can open numerous job doors:

  • Work as a camp monitor: during school holidays, children can go to camps or camps to learn new skills, be entertained, have a great time and make friends. At English Summer we offer thematic and English camps.

  • Hotel sector: there are hotels that offer their guests entertainment programs during the high season, designed for children and adults. For example, at our Hotel Villa Engracia we have the Family Camp program, a family vacation with activities in English led by instructors.

  • Playrooms: these children's play spaces also need free time monitors to supervise and organize activities.

  • Ball parks: Ball park and similar businesses are popular for celebrating children's birthdays. Normally, the children will spend the afternoon and there are monitors organizing the activities and supervising the children.

These are some examples of outputs that can be formed as a monitor. In addition, it is a qualification that allows you to work throughout the year or only at specific times, such as in summer. It is a versatile profession and once you have the degree it stays with you forever, so the possibilities are endless.

Is it worth working as a camp monitor?

It can certainly be a very interesting job for people who love spending time with children. It is also a good idea to work punctually, for example, for a student who studies a degree throughout the year and in the summer is looking to make extra money. It is also interesting for young people who are looking for a job that allows them to stay active for a good part of the day, to avoid sitting in an office in front of a computer. After all, a sedentary lifestyle is not good and many prefer more dynamic professions, with more time standing and moving.

In any case, it is you who has the last word. But without a doubt we believe that it is a very nice profession for young people who love spending time with children and who like to follow an active routine, doing activities continuously.

In English Summer you will only find qualified and professional camp instructors

At English Summer we have been offering students the best thematic and English summer camps for 40 years. Always with the best instructors, who are great professionals.

We believe that it is a beautiful profession and it is a very important figure for children, because they can forge a very good relationship with their monitor and learn a lot from them. It's a very nice union!

If you are looking for the best summer camps for your children, don't hesitate and choose English Summer. We have different types of summer camps for children and teenagers. Our camps are thematic and you can improve your level of English, it is the best way to take advantage of the summer.

Contact us if you are interested in taking the monitor course and if you already have the title contact us. We will wait for you!