Formation and selection sessions in Tamarit

We're already preparing the summer season 2024 at English Summer S.A!


Last Friday, 23rd February, we held the selection and training sessions for MPs at Finca Tamarit and we are very happy with the result, because because these alumni who are training to be monitors are a fundamental pillar within our team. They will be the ones who will guide the future promotions and will be in charge of keeping alive the illusion and values of our big family of summer camps.

During this weekend, we have focused on addressing fundamental aspects to guarantee a unique and unforgettable experience for all the children and young people who participate in our camps. In addition, we have carried out the selection process for second year MPs, who will be key to the organisation and development of our activities this summer, as they will be making their debut as camp monitors.

We tell you everything we have shared and learned together during the training!

On Friday afternoon, feelings were running high. For many of us, returning to the Tamarit holiday camp is synonymous with meeting up again with friends who make summer the most beautiful and fun time of the year.

After sharing laughs, hugs and tears of joy, we settled into our rooms. The first year students, experiencing this adventure for the first time, were both excited and nervous, but as the hours passed, they became more and more familiar.

Once settled in, we all had dinner together and caught up on anecdotes and news with our fellow students. The dinner was a reflection of what it means to be in our camps: living together, enjoying and sharing.

The management team gave the welcome speech and introduced the training days. We had fun with ice-breaking games to get to know each other better and create a warm atmosphere, as well as group dynamics to see how our future monitors work as a team, and how much fun it was to see them play and cooperate with each other!

The next morning, we started the day with the Froggy Games, which they will have to teach the children when they become camp monitors. After breakfast, we had the first training session of the Monitoring Project Course. It wasn't all theory, we did case studies and activity rotations. On the other hand, the veterans got a more specific training to have the title of monitor. In addition, the coordinators conducted the first interviews with the new monitors.

Afterwards, we took a general group photo, look how well we came out!

In the afternoon we continued with dynamics and activities to evaluate the development of our future camp leaders. And then came the farewell. Happy and sad at the same time, we put the counter back to 0, but with the certainty that soon, we will see each other again!

What aspects does the management team assess in MPs?

  • Initiative and imagination

  • Conflict resolution skills

  • Teamwork and empathy

  • Solidarity and humility

  • Respect for others and the natural environment

  • Enthusiasm and enthusiasm

  • Have a good level of English

If you are thinking of joining our team of monitors, go to our website and check all the information to join our team. We are waiting for you!

Although the weekend was a short was a long one! On Sunday the whole English Summer S.A. team got together to celebrate the new season in the best possible way with a calçotada.

And this Monday we have dedicated to the training of the staff and the technical team of our centres. The continuous training of our staff is a fundamental task to guarantee the well-being and safety of the pupils in our holiday camps.

Let the season begin!

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