Summary of the Monitors Days 2023

More than 100 participants gathered - 46 senior monitors and MPs, and 65 new participants -


The Monitors Conference is one of the most awaited events by the English Summer S.A. team. More than 100 participants met during the weekend of the 13th of May at Finca Prades for the selection and training of monitors. In addition, they learned new techniques and skills for working with children and young people in summer camps. In this article, we tell you about all the events of this year's call.

Welcome and presentation

From 19:00 pm onwards, the participants began to arrive to check-in and settle into the house. We started with a warm welcome dinner, and then we all went to the theatre to introduce the event organisers and the programme of the event. The candidates had the opportunity to meet the other participants and share their experiences as leisure time educators with a short public presentation, in which they told funny and curious anecdotes about themselves. In addition, the management team also took advantage of the first few hours to interview the new candidates to work with us.

Ice-breaking activities

After the theatre presentation, a variety of Ice Breaking  and Team Building activities were held to create a united and assertive team. Topics covered included conflict resolution, creating a safe and positive environment for the children, and techniques to foster collaboration, teamwork and emotional management. Once we had lost our embarrassment and made new friends, we headed to the disco room to enjoy the music with the different and famous dances that are always played during the camps.

Formation and presentations

At 9 a.m. we all had breakfast together to get as much energy as possible, as we had a day full of formation and activities ahead of us. The day began with the monitor's manual for the candidates, while the veteran monitors carried out different Roleplay dynamics. Afterwards, the EFA School gave a talk on prevention, detection and action in situations of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA). It was a very interesting presentation for the team to learn first hand the protocol of action in the educational field and apply this knowledge in their daily work with children and young people. There was also a briefing to teach the basic aspects of human resources that a monitor must take into account. In addition, the director of studies explained how the English classes work and what was expected of the instructors: professionalism, speaking English and being enthusiastic about the project.

Activity rotation

Throughout the afternoon, the whole team of monitors carried out different activities to promote empathy, cooperation, assertive communication, leadership, integrity and friendship. They carried out dynamics related to the workshops we do during the summer camps, such as: Relax Art, Emotional Trip, Be Froggy Be Green....


These were activities that helped participants learn how to act in risky or stressful situations, deal with sensitive issues with the children, and solve riddles.


Farewell to the Monitors Conference

We ended with a closing ceremony at 7 p.m. to thank the attendees and explain the next steps in the selection of candidates. We got a very positive feedback of sensations and experience from the attendees. All in all, the Monitors' Day was a resounding success. The monitors had the opportunity to learn new skills and techniques about working with children, as well as having fun together.


This event demostrates English Summer's commitment to the continuous training of its monitors and its dedication to providing the best possible experience for the children and teenagers who attend its summer camps.

After a weekend of a lot of information, a multitude of activities accompanied by emotions and laughter, and many people motivated to give their best this summer... We can only say that... We hope to see you soon! Book summer camps 2023.

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