What to wear to a summer camp?

Get your children ready for summer camp with comfortable, outdoor-friendly clothing

One of the most common questions families have is about what to wear to camp. Summer camps tend to be hot and children and teenagers tend to spend a good part of the time doing activities and moving around outdoors, so it is important to bring cool, comfortable clothes that can get stained.

Summer camp clothes: What to wear?

If it's your children's first adventure away from home, it's normal to wonder 'what to wear to camp'. A camp is a unique and unforgettable experience for the little ones, so it is important to take care of these details and choose the right clothes for their safety and comfort.

Mainly, the clothes to choose depend on the weather and the activities. It is therefore interesting to take into account the type of camp or workshop to be carried out in order to choose the right clothes.

Basic everyday clothing

First of all, you should include basic everyday clothes:

- Underwear

- Pyjamas

- Shorts

- Basic T-shirts

- Tracksuits

- Swimwear

- Towels

Apart from these day-to-day clothes, there are various theme parties at night, so it is advisable to bring a pair of long trousers and a light jacket in case the temperature drops.

The day-to-day clothing is what the child will wear the most during the days of the camp, so it is advisable to bring enough variety. Also in case they get stained or if they want to change for the night. Bear in mind that there are indoor and outdoor activities.

If the day turns grey and there is a chance of rain, it is advisable to bring a mackintosh.


Footwear is essential to be comfortable at a summer camp. It is best to choose comfortable and sturdy shoes.

- Sneakers

- Comfortable dress shoes

- Flip-flops for the shower or pool

- Slippers for sleeping

The important thing is to wear comfortable, breathable and protective shoes.


Apart from summer camp clothing, it is also important to pay attention to accessories. For example, a cap can be a very practical accessory to protect you from the sun and avoid headaches.

Sunglasses with UV protection are also a good idea, so that your eyes are not bothered by the brightness of the sun and you can enjoy your outdoor activities more comfortably. You can even wear goggles for the swimming pool.

For participants with long hair, it might be a good idea to bring a pair of hair ties, so that they can tie their hair up and be more comfortable in the pool or when doing certain activities.

Personal hygiene products

Apart from clothes, it is also necessary to pack some personal hygiene products in your suitcase so that you can shower on a daily basis.

- Towels

- Soap

- Shampoo

- Toothbrush and toothpaste

- Deodorant

- Comb

- Insect repellent

- Sunscreen

You can simply prepare a toiletry bag with all these items in mini format, so that you have enough for the whole week.

You can also add any extras they might need. For example, if your child wears glasses, you can add wipes, glasses, eye drops, etc. The important thing is that they have everything they need so that they can use it if they need it.

Other accessories

It's normal to wonder how to manage the issue of medication in case the child has an illness or is undergoing treatment. In this case, it is important that parents share with the monitors a medical report and how to administer the medication. It is also important that the medicine box is labelled with the name of the participant.

On the other hand, documentation is also important, so a photocopy of the ID card and a photocopy of the health card must be brought along.

How to pack your suitcase?

To prepare your children's summer camp suitcase properly, we recommend you to make a list of everything you might need. You can also ask us so that we can recommend one option or another depending on the type of activity or workshop to be carried out.

- Make a list with everything you need.

- Organise your children's clothes by categories so that they can find them easily and get dressed every day.

- Include enough clothes depending on the duration of the camp (better to have too many than too few). For example, if the duration is 8 days, you can pack 10 or 12 pairs of socks, in case they want to change them one day after an activity.

- Add a few cloth bags for storing dirty clothes.

The key is to keep your child comfortable, safe and warm. We know that the first time is the most complicated because everything is new and it's normal to have hundreds of doubts, but from then on you'll have your suitcase packed in no time at all and everything will be perfect.

TIP: If you don't know where to start, pack your suitcase in a similar way to when you go on holiday.

What is the usual temperature in our summer camps?

To know what clothes to choose for your children, our advice is to take a look at the estimated temperature for the dates of the camp.

Our summer camps are held in the towns of Poblet, Prades, Vallclara and Tamarit. In these locations the temperature during the months of June, July and August can reach 28-30ºC during the day, so it is important to bring appropriate clothing. Clothing suitable for these temperatures.

We look forward to seeing you in our camps

We hope this guide on 'what to wear to camp' will help you to pack your children's suitcase. If you have any questions, remember that you can ask us. English Summer will be happy to help you.