Benefits of being in contact with nature in summer camps

Young people feel free in nature and this has a great positive impact on their health


Nature has many benefits for children's physical and mental health, from improving their emotional wellbeing to increasing creativity and concentration. At English Summer we offer a unique opportunity to connect with the environment and foster a love of nature. Here are some of the most important benefits they can get from spending time in one of our summer camp homes.


What physical benefits do children get from spending time in contact with nature?

By being in direct contact with nature and in more open spaces, participants have the opportunity to run, jump, swim and engage in physical activities that allow them to improve strength, endurance and balance. In this way, they stay healthy and energetic. In addition, the fresh air and exposure to the sun can help strengthen their immune system. On the other hand, playing in an open space improves the sense of sight, because it helps to relax the eye muscles and vision. This is a great benefit considering that during the year children spend many hours looking at mobile phone, computer or tablet screens from a very close distance.

What are the emotional benefits?

Being in contact with nature can also have a significant impact on the emotional health of participants. One of the worlds that children experience through play is that of plants and animals. It allows them to develop observation skills and to appreciate the beauty of a natural environment up close. In this way, children can reduce their stress levels, improve their mood, and feel happier and calmer. Another advantage is that by spending more time in open spaces with constant movement, it helps them to develop creativity, curiosity and interest in the natural world. In addition, contact with nature can foster a sense of fascination and surprise, as a twig from a tree becomes a magic wand, and this increases their excitement, self-esteem and confidence.

Other important benefits to take into account are...

They can improve children's concentration and creative thinking. By being exposed to new environments and new situations, pupils can develop cognitive skills such as problem solving and decision making. It is also about raising awareness of this interconnectedness, and developing the intention and ability not to damage natural spaces in any way. In addition, walking along paths surrounded by trees enriches the children's vocabulary, as they can ask about the different birds and insects resting on the branches, the squirrels climbing the trees, the texture of some leaves... It is a way to stimulate the child's capacity for exploration.

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